Our traditional is more suitable than the English system.

This article aims at making people know the difference between our indigenous marriages and the inherited English system and to make us appreciate our own marriages.


The infiltration of our culture and traditions by the western values has led to a lot of dislocations in our society.In marriages nowadays,there are cases of divorce and separation because Nigerians of the present generation have neglected our traditional marriage system for the English.I still support our traditional marriage system and I believe strongly that it is more suitable for the present generation of Nigerians.

The traditional marriage system forbids a man to marry a woman without seeking the consent of her parents.Not only this,it encourages the two parties involved in marriage to investigate each others lineage and character.The coming together of the man and woman is a gradual process which involves courtship and relationship during which the character, reputation and the honour of the families are put on the line.The lineage of the man and the woman is traced and if there is any reason to discourage the union,like the existence of hereditary diseases or a social stigma in any of the oarties' family lineage,the people are always cautious not to join them as husband and wife.

Furthermore, traditional marriage discourages immorality and bad behavior among youths.An eligie bachelor bmis such a man that is of good reputation and character.The same thing applies to the spinster.A wayward and promiscuous girl will find it difficult to get a reasonable and responsible husband,and in the same manner,a drunkard male may remain unmarried for a long time if he doesn't change.

Moreso, traditional marriage system should be preferable to the present generation of Nigerians because it is cheaper.Unlike the English system which encourages high society and church weddings, traditional marriage ceremonies are very cheap.The couple just need the members of their respective families to contract a marriage deal and that's all.It is bereft of the fanfare, pomp and pageantry that is usually associated with the English marriage ceremony.

Finally, traditional marriage system discourages hypocrisy in all forms.A potential husband or wife is seen by the society according to his or her home training, behavior and comportment as well as his or her family history.The religious pretentions and hypocrisy encouraged in English system don't have a place in our traditional marriage system.In traditional system of marriage there is no debt accrued so no need to talk about paying debt after marriage unlike the English system.