My first experience in the boarding School

I feel sick the first day I was sent to boarding School


When I finished my primary School back then in 2009 I  was given an option by My parents to choose any Catholic Missionary School of my Chose then I chose Lumen Christi girls Secondary School Umuewere Nguru ngor okpala, Imo State

 Reaching to the School on the starting day for fresher's like me then after passing through protocols , on that fateful day after my parents drop me and I arranged my corner in their presence and when they were about to go I fell sick instantly without any sign or symptom luckily for me the principal was still in office then so My Parents took permission on my behalf for them to treat me well before coming.When I got home I told my parents that am not going back to that School again that I want to be a day student after so much argument I returned to the School after my medication. THANKS FOR MY PARENTS , If not for them I wouldn't have acquired the little knowledge I have now.                             Thanks for your attention